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There is a lot inside the box... 

  Units I, II, III and IV Come in Their Own Heavy Duty Binders
Each Clearly Marked to be Easily Seen on Your Book Shelf

 Unit I Visit Plans
 41 Visit Plans individualized activity plans provde step-by-step instructions to:

  • connect with any isolated resident and stimulate meaning
  • build relationships
  • help residents to feel at home
  ib-unit2-275x210.jpg  Unit IProfessional Activity Director’s Handbook

It teaches you how to:

  • set up the program
  • train and manage staff and volunteer visitors
  • quickly and effectively customize the program to the needs of each resident
  • acquire and organize materials
  • monitor and assess resident participation
  • evaluate and supervise staff and volunteers

  ib-unit3-250x210.jpg  Unit III Visit Corps Assignment Log

Contains Visit Core Assigment Log forms. These enable you to inform each volunteer
and staff member;

  • which residents they will visit
  • what Visit Plans they will use
even when you are out of the building or busy with something else
  ib-unit4-275x210.jpg  Unit IV Resident Documentation Binder

Clarifies and simplifies your information management. It includes;

  • a Resident Room Visit Documentation Record for each resident
  • individualized Special Resident Visit Plan
  • a Yearly Room Visit Rotation Plan
  ib-art-poet-275x208.jpg   Art and Poetry Start-Up Packet

Gets you started with a packet of pictures and written words needed for individual room visits.

  ib-plan-toolkit-275x204.jpg  Planning Toolkit for the Activity Director

Enables you to customize each residents quarterly program in 15 minutes or less. It contains:

  • Easy Develop a Rotation Guide
  • Yearly Room Visit Rotation Plan
  • Special Resident Visit Plan
  • The Domain and Visit Plan Reference Flow Chart, and 
  • Quality of Life Concept Glossary
  ib-10min-275x210.jpg  10-Minute Handbook for Visit Corps Members.

Fifty (50) copies of a 4-page guidebook for visit corps members to take home with them following their orientation sessions

uparrow1w.gif  ib-forms-275x210.jpg  Master copies of all forms.
  • Resident Room Visit Documentation Record
  • Special Resident Visit Plan
  • Yearly Room Visit Rotation Plan
  • Visit Corps Assigment Log